You know how you can sometimes tell when a female performer is just sort of feigning excitement about being with other women? Their mouths may smile, but their eyes don’t; their enthusiastic moans sound just a bit off; and during orgasms, their bodies just don’t move in that frenzied, uncontrollable way that lets you know it’s real. This is often the case on sites that feature models who are actually straight women playing for the camera. There’s nothing inherently wrong with this, but for the real deal, Lesbea has exactly what the connoisseur craves: intimate, passionate, ecstatic lesbian loving shot in high-quality, well-composed scenes. Lesbea specializes in what might be called “intimate hardcore,” in which the performers are truly in tune with each other and attentive to what their partners want, but without sacrificing any of the sexy goodness one expects from a porn site. There is, of course, lots of cunnilingus and fingering, a smattering of analingus, and constant tribbing. There is also a good deal of foreplay, with deep kissing, licking, tickling, and all sorts of other play that gets the performers warmed up and wet. There is rather little use of toys.

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